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Beston Machinery Team Will Stay In Philippines From 24 June to 22 July

Good news for Philippines’ customers. From 24 June to 22 July, 2019, Beston Machinery team will stay in Manila of the Philippines. During the time, we are glad to visit more customers who are interested in Beston products: pyrolysis plant, waste sorting machine, charcoal making machine and egg tray machine. We hope to have deeper cooperation with you.

Contact Our Team Members:

Team Manager: Nash Jia (09496089507)
Sales Manager: Joyce Dou(09996510302); Nancy Zhang(09612216045)

If you have the business plan, contact us now! We will meet you in the Philippines and we can talk about the project analysis and project cost face to face. Certainly, if you place an order during the visiting time, you will enjoy discount. Don’t miss the chance.

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