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Rubber Pyrolysis Plant Was Installed In Korea

Good news! A set of Beston BLJ-16 rubber pyrolysis plant was installed in Korea successfully. We arranged our professional installation engineer to install the whole plant.

Rubber Pyrolysis Plant In Korea

Before installing, we had confirmed all the items that should be prepared in advance with Korean customer. Therefore, when we began to work, we complete the installation in short time. Meanwhile, through commissioning test, the pyrolysis plant worked well. At present, the rubber pyrolysis plant can make a mass of fuel oil every day.

Install In Korea
Rubber Pyrolysis Plant For Sale In Korea

The Korean customer was satisfied with our services, such as manufacturing, delivery, installing and so on. And, he felt glad to choose Beston Machinery. If you want to recycle rubber and waste tire, you can contact us now! Get competitive pyrolysis machine price now! Beston Machinery would customize the unique pyrolysis plant for you on the basis of your demands.

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